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The Power of Tree, and web “tree” dot 0h!

Engines of the earth, forests are an ancient power, once upon a time stretching across continents, an ancient network of nature connecting east and west, north and south. Now is an exciting time in which we humans can choose to elevate the power of these engines, or to continue to dismantle and destroy them.

Cyber Reforestation?

What if we give forests an extra hand, in which we utilize dead tree branches to reforest the physical world via the metaverse?

Order of the Princess Betula

Birch branch to porcelain cast to digital image and 3D scan.


So here we are, having cast in porcelain, preserved the dead tree branch that otherwise would be lost forever (perhaps

The Trees on NFTs

GreenNFTs, CleanNFTs are a thing. So should we do this? The trees have given me clearance to employ GreenNFTs…

Garden of the TreeBones

Trees are remarkable in so many ways. They literally embody the passing of years in their trunks and celebrate every new year by dressing themselves up in the spring. When a tree dies, it remains for only so long until it is reabsorbed by the earth to be used as needed.

Once Upon A Tree, daily iterations

musings on #onceuponatree #afterlifeoftrees #treesNotNFTs #analog2digital #replicaredux. More here, and on instagram

Sculpture: Analog vs. Digital. Nature vs. NFT. Tree branches. Fossils of a Different Kind.

Now on display: poured porcelain birch candles! Refillable, re-useable hand-made sculptures. Each one is unique!