About Me

Coder and artist. Making elephants fly.

“As an artist, a documentarian, and a creative coder with a do-good streak, I am exploring how to utilize augmented reality (AR) for civic engagement and activism.”


Cindy Sherman Bishop is a highly skilled technologist leveraging her superpowers amidst the intersection of technology and the art of storytelling. She has created interactive installations for galleries, film festivals, and museums, as well as software for enterprise applications and social justice. Her most recent collaboration, Chomsky vs. Chomsky: a VR/AI experience, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2020, New Frontier category. 

Pivoting from her four years at MIT’s Center for Civic Media, where she created both tools and provocations regarding creative civic technology, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence, she has taken on a Director of Technology role at a small but mighty startup, Bongo Media. The Bongo platform hopes to usher in a new level of trust and authenticity in today’s severed inter-personal connections due to the coronavirus pandemic as well as to current technology’s inadequacies.

Previous projects:
VRDoodler.com, MediaCloud.org, creative civic AR, media image analysis. 
Rockstar-ai.com, AR Protests, “Natural Networks.” 

React.js, Node.js, Express, Apollo, GraphQL, Hasura, ES6, Heroku, Docker, HTML5, Three.js, WebGL, WebRTC, webVR, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript, XML, JSON,PHP,JSP, Python, pyenv, MySQL, Flask server, Flash/Flex, Java, any web development really, CMS, videography, production. Final Cut Pro, Processing, Swift, objective C. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, storytelling, some machine learning/AI frameworks and algorithms via TensorFlow, pytorch, Microsoft Azure NLP, LUIS
C++/openFrameworks, computer vision, facial recognition, ARKit, STT, conversational AI

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