Cindy has prototyped web/mobile Virtual Reality experiences during her fellowship at MIT Open Doc Lab and has a solid mobile VR (virtual reality), 360 design and development experience.  With her projects VRDoodler and Haven, she has had a rewarding and exciting time putting together and managing a savvy team of volunteer designers, developers, and filmmakers as well as pitching its potential to users, funders and grantors.

Currently she is developing software for a few projects at Civic Media, primarily for the Media Cloud team.


VRdoodler to import photospheres, sketch and visualize 360 shots. export and load into mobileVR.

The Way You Move

The Way You Move mirrors a participant’s gesture to decorate a projected canvas. This installation has exhibited in several locations including Illuminus Boston, the Fenway Marquee, the Boston Convention Center Marquee and the Peabody Essex Museum.

Past Port

PastPort Interactive is a virtual time traveling device. It enables you to remix the past with the present.

Haven, A Story of Loss and Home

Recording of story as premiered at Tribeca Interactive Playground in the Chrome browser.