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Normalized fossil NFT

Nature vs. NFT

My porcelain slip-casted branches copy and preserve Nature’s original artwork. A digital 3D scan of these porcelain sculptures illustrates the new way of creating and preserving physical objects.

Sculpture: Analog vs. Digital. Nature vs. NFT. Tree branches. Fossils of a Different Kind.

Now on display: poured porcelain birch candles! Refillable, re-useable hand-made sculptures. Each one is unique!

Urban Dinos / Invisible Commerce

This body of work is directly a result of my experience with The Machine.

a queer duck

Springtime 2020

It was a rough time in Ptown during quarantine. Painted on paint stirrers both in solidarity with the first responder signs…

24 x 20

Seascapes / Cape Cod

As someone who is in front of the computer for most of the work week, I treasure the time _away_ from it.