PastPort Interactive and iRoots

PastPort Interactive

is a virtual time-traveling device that leverages digital media and live-streaming video and interactive audio to set viewers in places both past, present and future. PastPort uses an Xbox Kinect 3D camera to place participants' likenesses into a digital version of historical photographs. Once the image is set, the viewer can publish the image on Flickr where it can be viewed alongside pictures taken in previous installations. PastPort may be used in conjunction with iRoots indexical archive. Exhibited: American Repertory Theatre, PBS, AMP Gallery.


. is a mobile, web-based digital experience that gathers and aggregates narrative information from family audio and video recordings, resulting in both an indexed (or, queryable) digital archive, and a suite of products which consume that API. The primary user, who we refer to as the Archivist, creates a profile and after digitizing his or her family photos, videos and mementos, uploads these digital assets. Currently iRoots exists as an "online family reunion" prototype only. You can check it out HERE.

Both Pastport and iRoots are joint collaborations between Cindy Sherman Bishop and Martha Bourne